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Keaton Schultz: Virtual Resume

Everything you need to know about a qualified IT professional


Dedicated to quality and timely support, Keaton drives satisfying solutions to meet business requirements.


This business professional knows what it takes to win over key stakeholders.


With a diverse background of IT skills, Keaton brings big ideas to the table with previous experiences in mind.

What others are saying about Keaton

Quotes taken from performance evaluation and letter of recommendation


“I spoke with your manager (Software Development Manager) and his manager (Chief Information Officer) before their retirements and they both said you’re the one to watch out for. You’re the next big thing around here.”

Current Manager

“Keaton would make a great addition to any organization that needs a self-motivated team player that will deliver results.”

Former Manager

“Keaton did an outstanding job building relationships with the local China team which has contributed to that facility being one of our most profitable operations.”

Former Manager
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